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IBAN BIC Service

The Netherlands have fully switched over to the use of IBAN per August 1, 2014. As of that date the use of an IBAN for payment instructions is mandatory.

Until the end of March 2015 this service will remain to be available to find the IBAN of an old account number. Please beware for incorrect entries. An incorrect entry could result in incorrect credit transfers.

Telephone and text service

In addition to this online IBAN BIC Service, you can also request the IBAN and the BIC of an old account number using our text and telephone service.

  • The telephone service is available on: 0900-42 26 242. Follow the instructions.
  • For the text service, text an account number to: 4226.

The IBAN BIC Service is also available as an OveropIBAN-app. You can download this app at the web stores. The app has been developed and distributed in collaboration with De Nederlandsche Bank (DNB) and the National Forum SEPA-Migration (NFS).

Dutch banking initiative

Stichting IBAN Service NL has developed this IBAN BIC Service to enable you to request the IBAN and the BIC of Dutch account numbers quickly and easily. Stichting IBAN Service NL (Gustav Mahlerplein 29-35, 1082 MS Amsterdam, Chamber of Commerce no.: 34310613) was set up as a joint banking initiative.

You can find out more about the background of this initiative by visiting www.nvb.nl and www.betaalvereniging.nl or by reading the Board Report of the Foundation.

Availability of the service

The Foundation will remain to support the online and telephonic services as well as the OveropIBAN app until the end of march 2015.

You can find out more about the IBAN BIC Service by viewing the FAQs.

Click on Privacy for details of the privacy statement applicable to this website and the telephone and SMS service.